When I was six I was struck by how the audio and visual of the Apollo missions was so crude. As a child and as an adult I find the rudimentary quality of the Apollo films to enhance my perception of distance and time. It is surreal as far as an earthly experience is concerned.

In PianoScape1 the sound track is an edited sampling of sounds I make as I work on the EAR1 rover.

Psychology tells us that perception is the organization, identification, interpretation, of sensory information, in order to represent and understand our environment. John Cage opened up our perception to music by demonstrating how any sound becomes music and art if we employee active listening.

I’m interested in new frontiers of sound were we can go to and listen with the perception of music/art being the landscape, and sound is the atmosphere. I believe these frontiers are endless so I am building my own rover to explore perceptive “listening” and possibly “seeing” in one of these not so distant times and spaces.

Loading The MPS (Main Piano Sensor)


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