Rio Bonita Argentina Canyon

Here inside Argentina canyon, in the Lincoln National Forest and near the 4 spring heads that feed Rio Bonita, the EAR1 Rain gauge collaborates with the creek flow to create a cascading cadence. In these Desert Mountains this is always music to the ears. This creek is flowing at an elevation of about 8,000 feet at this location. This exploration with the EAR1 Rain Gauge has caused me to think about how the flow of the water, sets the meter for the sound. A rhythm is forged through a combination of the steady flow vortexes and the variable creek bed surface. Occasionally the Rain Gauge strings are plucked by traveling sticks, water bugs, leaves, and blades of grass on their journey down stream. The mood of this piece is tempered as it is early fall. Spring showers will surely bring a much different composition. It occurs to me that if I were to listen often to this stream, or any stream or river, I could eventually become adept in hearing the seasons, the annual rain fall, and maybe even the temperature. I would be able to hear the metadata of this stream and the environmental composer that created it.

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