The Devil’s Inkwell

Devil’s Inkwell is the smallest of the 9 lakes, at Bottomless Lakes State Park in eastern New Mexico, with a surface area of 0.36 acres (1,500 m2). It gets its name from the dark color of the water which is caused by the steep sides of the cenote and algae growth within the lake. Of course the Devil’s Inkwell is not bottomless, however it is about 30 feet deep, which is quite deep considering it’s surface area. This place is an oasis in the desert. Seven of the lakes are protected, although in recent years the lakes have been contaminated by trash that has been thrown into the lakes by careless visitors. On this sunny October day, the temperature was about 80 degrees, there was a light breeze, that the Remote Station Vio recorded (the sound you hear in the video). As the day’s light changed so did the surface color of the inkwell. The visual rhythm created by the wind fell perfectly in sync with sound to form my perception of the place.

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