EAR1 Remote Station in Boston

In August, of 2013 I ventured into downtown Boston, and to the shore of Boston Harbor’s Revere Beach with the Remote Station. I wanted to explore the urban and coastal environments. The city was teaming with sounds and activity of people rushing about. On my trip to the beach I backpacked the Remote Station, as the cello case that the sculpture fits into has straps for such a purpose. It became very apparent to me, through a terrific back ache, that the 50 pound sculpture was a bit much to walk miles with, so I fashioned a mobility system from a broken dumpster dive grocery cart. The Beach was a beautiful and surreal setting. I found the sound through the Remote Station to be quite appropriate for the environment.

The following documentary of my installations reveals the various places I traveled with the remote station, including the The Boston Museum OF Science and the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, along with the sound it captured in these places. At each location I was met with enthusiastic and curious viewers. I logged about 50 to 100 conversations a day, I found it it interesting how the conversations varied from place to place. It was equally interesting how so many people walked by the odd installation without even noticing it – as if it were invisible.

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