The EAR1 Project – Through The Portal Exhibition

The EAR1 Project – Through The Portal Exhibition

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The Portal – Argentina Canyon Stream, Lincoln Forest, New Mexico

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The EAR1 Project  Through The Portal, November 2013 is a solo exhibition presenting work from the EAR1 project. The Exhibition includes Sculpture, Sound Photography, Video and Interactive elements.  (Earth Aural Rover) is an interdisciplinary as well as a multidisciplinary art project. I began the project with studies in neuroscience, language, psychology, ecology, and music. The “Portal” as depicted in the Lomography Fisheye photo prints is a devise that serves as a visual representation of the altered perception I’m exploring. It is much like a portal would be in an airtight vehicle traveling through space. It is built into Mission Control, and I have been capturing images of the places I explore. 

It is through the language of music, both visual and audio, that I feel an alternate perception of our environment might be forged. Music provides me with a vocabulary to initiate dialogue with the science community toward the goal of synthesizing ideas about how we perceive environments.

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