Remote Jam Session


C is forward. C# is reverse. D turns left and D# turns EAR1 right.

This remote control is in progress. It controls EAR1 up to 100 feet away. As I progress I will be adding new parts to the composition to create remote control ecological jam session weather station harmony.

EAR1 Rover

First a statement:

Through research and experimentation, I am developing tools to experience the nature of audio and visual languages. These apparatus of my art practice are manifested through my research of neuroscience, music, visual art, linguistics and the related biological mechanics and syntactic structures of each.

These tools will provide me a vocabulary to initiate dialogue with the science community with the goal of synthesizing a formal output to ultimately provide new perceptive experiences for myself and others.

EAR1 Features

The premise of the EAR1 rover project is to explore language between art and science using music as a vehicle. Inspired by a conversation I heard between Roger Malina and Sundar Sarukkai, Martyn Woodward, and Michael Punt, I use the art/object and the science/instrument to think through object, rather than think about the object. EAR1 is looking for the imperceptible to explore.

Neuroscience exploring perception shows us that audio and visual recognition is a natural human skill that takes place within milliseconds, yet we understand very little about it. Recognition as an element of language is key to my project as we know that sound and image through our perception triggers meaning.

Sol 138 Fish Eye 2 views

The rover is a tool I am developing to explore the terrain of audio visual perception between the languages of art and science as EAR1 begins an exploration of environments. These environments may or may not be familiar depending upon perceived meaning to the viewer and listener. The environments will be varied and will grow to create a global composition of language describing a place for life.

Fish Eye Landscape Score copy

EAR1 mirrors, on Earth, the method of NASA Curiosity on Mars by collecting, encoding, and reporting “data”. Curiosity can only look and report. EAR1 has the capability of looking, listening, and expressing. By expressing I mean the rover can be played as an instrument. One element of EAR1s missions emulates the methodology of science as musicians will play the rover as they collect information through their senses and perception, and synthesize it into art data or language. These collections form the compositions that score the video of EAR1 journeys.Sol 138 Map

The above satellite image shows the path that EAR1 explores on Sol 138. Below is video captured by EAR1 as it roams the dunes of White Sand. The sound is is a composition environment collected by EAR1, and of the perceptions and expression thereof by me.