Brave New Earth Exhibition & Field Work

I recently had the opportunity to perform field work with this new sculpture, Wind Bow, at Assateague Island National Park, in Maryland. Angry Atlantic waves cheered on by the chilling wind revealed energetic harmonic overtones.

I’m delighted to have exhibited with Amy Balkin and Heather Theresa Clark at Salisbury University Galleries, Maryland. The Exhibition was titled, Brave New Earth. I was also honored to give an artist lecture to the Sophomore seminar class.

New technologies, open archives, and installation transform the Galleries and investigate melting, sinking, and climate extremes.”



Philanthropy Theater El Paso TX

“Seriously. Who Plays a Rover? Imagine if Johann Sebastian Bach was charged with constructing a NASA Mars-like Rover for the purpose of exploring Earth’s environment. What? Fortunately we don’t have to imagine. The EAR1 project is a fun and playful mix of art, science and music, designed to offer audiences a new and alternative way to experience environments through sound art and sculpture. This is science, music, and art like you never knew possible. And you don’t have to go to Mars to experience it!”

It was a having a great crew of El Paso High School students as installation assistants.

Dr. Rhonda Taylor, NMSU Associate Professor of Saxophone and Music Theory
and John Olgin, EPCC Instructor of Physics

Presented by IMPACT:Programs for Excellence and the El Paso Community Foundation.