Ecoacoustics, John Cage, and Prepared Rover


As part of the 6th Annual Werner Hutchison Contemporary Music Festival, I had the wonderful opportunity to give a lecture to NMSUs music department. The lecture covered interdisciplinary art, generative sculpture, the neuroscience of music, and the EAR1 project. During the evening program music professors, Dr. Fred Bugbee, Dr. Michael Armendariz, and Dr. Rhonda Taylor performed two pieces on the EAR1 Rover. They first performed a John Cage work titled, “Child of Tree” (1975) ┬áCage wrote this piece for all organic instruments, and it was adapted for the EAR1 rover by Dr. Fred Bugbee. They performed on a prepared rover. The second performance involved an experiment in ecoacoustics by which the performers responded to the silent EAR1 film, “Seasonal Movements.” ┬áThe performed/perceived soundscape offered us a uniquely alternative conversation concerning our relationship with environment.